Bodies can heal

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Massage can be seen as a luxury service, understanding how massage is beneficial to your bodies health may change your mind. Massage can target your lymphatic system, scar tissue or stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system to provide deep relaxation.

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This alternative healing technique has been around for over 100 years and recognized in hospitals around the world for its calming effects. Through the understanding of our bodies energy systems, Reiki can provide a tuning of your bodies overall presence.

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Experience the excitement of a treatment focused on stimulating the nervous system through the feet, hands and face. This is a great way to invigorate the different parts of the body including major organs, muscles and bones through the reflex response.

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Service Overview

Spending time in the corporate world has shown me how much  need there is for the executive to relax. I’m excited to offer in office, at home and corporate wellness services to the Triangle!


“Part of my ‘being’ has always known that touch therapy can turn on our healing powers. I’ve been learning through my intuition for years and now adding school as a foundation for practice, I’m ready to share my talents!”

About Josh


Joshua S. Larimar – LMBT NC#19049