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Understanding if massage, bodywork or energy work is going to benefit your overall wellness can bring up some questions. Let’s talk!

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Wellness Strategy

Whether you are looking to add to your overall wellness program or target a particular ailment, knowing the your options is the best way to start. You should always be in control of your wellness and have a solid understanding of your options for effect treatments which includes massage, bodywork and energy services.

Full Body Experience

A unique blend of lymphatic, myofascial release, swedish and trigger point massage as well as light reflexology techniques. Each session is targeted specifically for the client to target areas of pain and promote relaxation.

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Lymphatic Massage

This full body massage targets the lymphatic system using a light to medium pressure. Along with arms, legs and back an abdomen massage is also an option. A gentle non-fragrant oil is used to encourage relaxation and reduce stress. 

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Sports Massage

Recommended for performance athletes to encourage lymphatic drainage and muscle recovery. This is a firm, deep pressure full body massage. Other target areas for treatment is post injury to assist with breaking down scar tissue during rebuilding phase.

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Reiki Energy Treatment

Reiki is an energy healing treatment based on the application of universal life energy. Treatment is performed fully clothed on a massage table or seated in a chair.

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Feet, Hands, Face

Includes applying pressure to points on the face, hands and feet while client is fully clothed using a medium to firm pressure with the thumb and fingers.

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Custom Tailored Massage

Every client I work with goes through an intake process to review health history and identify their needs. Starting here allows us to address all of your concerns from the start!

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Quality Control

Based on the current state of our world there are certain precautions I have taken to ensure safety for myself and my clients. First, I wear my mask to support the public health while I am traveling and near groups of people. This includes wearing a mask during all my sessions as well as having my clients wear a mask.


Following the guidelines of my professional trade association American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) and the CDC, here are my protocols for the duration of the pandemic:

Client Screening:

Upon arrival to all appointments (new and returning) I conduct a series of questions with the client to verify if any symptoms of the virus have been felt or contact with infected people has been made. This includes a temperature check of each client to rule out possible fever.

Session Standards:

All clients wear masks during every session. If there is difficulty wearing a mask while lying face down, a pillow case can be used to fit onto the face cradle to serve as a modified mask.

Hand washing has always been my practice before and after client sessions. I ask my clients to do the same.

ALL linens that come in contact with clients are laundered separately and according to massage industry standards. Clean linens are stored away from general clothing and in a closed door cabinet. All used linens are isolated in a sealed bag post session.

All equipment is cleaned with 3% hydrogen peroxide (per CDC guidelines) to sanitize all touch surfaces between EACH client.