“You’re only one massage away from a good mood.”

Josh Larimar – LMBT NC#19049

In the early 2000’s I was introduced to reflexology and reiki therapies and was drawn to the idea of becoming a practitioner. After becoming Reiki certified Level I & II and practicing on friends and family it truly brought me joy. Being in the corporate world it was a nice way to reconnect with the power of touch therapy.

Fast forward 10+ years and I found myself living in Raleigh NC and signing up for a night school program to become a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist. My intuition for method and practice allowed me to quickly understand the bodies ability to heal, body systems and how massage can be a catalyst for relaxation and repair.

And now, fully licensed and insured, I’m excited for where my practice will take me moving forward!  It’s time to share my knowledge and empower people through massage, reflexology and reiki. Please reach out anytime to connect, ask questions or book time for a treatment.